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A few pieces of information, if you want to hike with us


Performance (faster, higher, further) isn't what's primarily important to us – we care about experiencing nature at its purest, enjoying the silence, wild beauty and power of this landscape. 

We walk in small groups of up to 12 participants and will take time to stop and enjoy the views, take photographs, discover plants and animals around and just take a break in between, to. We won't take the pressures and rush of everyday life with us.

When out hiking, we are always mindful of our participants' requirements and will try to put together groups as well as possible in advance, regarding what each participants wants from this experience. Therefore, we talk to you directly when we decide on the date, bearing in mind the range of dates you have provided. It's your holiday, and your free time.

The stated hike durations are, therefore, only guidelines – they can differ, depending on the group.

Most of the hidden natural treasures which we want to explore are, in parts at least, only accessible via small paths or river beds. Therefore, a certain grade of sure-footedness and fitness is necessary, for some hikes you also need a head for heights. Please make sure to check the grading of each hikes before you book, and cross-check them with your fitness.

You're more than welcome to ring us with any questions – we're here for you.

Ajo! Let's go.

With the exception of the months of July and August, when it's simply too hot to go hiking in the south of Sardinia, we offer guided hikes year-round, half-day and full-day, through the Sulcis mountains south of Cagliari.

We will show you the beauty of this wild, untouched landscape in small groups of no more than 10-12 people, led by our experienced German guides, all of whom are familiar with the locality. We don't have a minimum number of participants, we'll go in any case, as far as the weather allows.

Graded difficulty levels of our hikes

Our hikes are graded in two ways:


The stars stand for required fitness, and the mountains for the required sure-footedness and head for heights.

Before you choose one of our routes, please check your abilities in accordance with the listed grades, to make sure that you can enjoy the hikes properly.

Any questions? We'll be happy to answer them. Contact us

Qualified tour guides

We won't just show you secret paths and stunning nature, but we also share our knowledge of the land and the people here, and plants and animals. We love this place and want to share this love with you.

Signing up for a hike

Please sign up for your selected hike in writing by email, or use our signup form.

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After your sign up, we will provide you with the details regarding the hike you booked, as well as a booking confirmation. Please bring this booking confirmation along. 

Any questions?

Call us, or fill in our contact form! Your data will only be used for the purpose of answering your questions.

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You're still looking for accommodation? No Problem. We will be more than happy to refer you to one of our partners – holiday apartment, B&B, or a hotel room – near the sea, or a few kilometres inland where you can enjoy quiet sea views... whatever you require.

Need more information? Fill in our contact form and let us know.

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